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The history of our team begins more or less in autumn 2009. The team has been created as a combination of two different in age groups. The squad of young players from Krowodrza Górka started their adventure with this discipline when they were at their fifteens. They mainly played inline hockey. From time to time some of them tried their best in ice hockey and in so called Small Rink Hockey League. On the other side there was an adult group created who specialized (at least tried to) merely in ice hockey. Until the 2009/2010 season both of groups had never met each other. Eventually the time has come those guys have longed to create new amateur ice hockey team in Cracow. So was it in 2010 – The Czarty Krakow (Deuces Cracow) has appeared!

The team has primarily trained at the half-scale, covered rink by the Eissenberg street, so called Polfa. They could not train at the Siedleckiego 7 (Cracovia official rink) because of the famous explosion at the half-scale rink and the full-scale rink was not available for plain people like them. The conditions at the Polfa were not great and a lack of locker-rooms and sanitaries was not of help either, but the amateurs in our country are the people who really are the enthusiasts and try their best to play wherever possible.

Thanks to the fact that some of our members have been into ice hockey environment for years we could play our first official mock match with girls of KS Cracovia 1906 Kraków.

During the summer break we trained inline hockey, made our web site and also designed and bought official team outfits. One of our official jersey has been given as a present to Filip Depa – designer of our gorgeous logo.

The next season enriched in more often trainings at the full-scale rink and choosing of team’s authorities. We played the first mock match in 2010/2011 season on 31st of December 2010. We faced the RSC Pilinach Eisbären team at the Oświęcim city’s rink. The result was 0-23. That was the turning point in our devotion to ice hockey. Untill then we decided to start robust training. Our trainings began to resemble systematic trainings more than just “play for fun” games.

In the spring 2011 we continued to play matches including two important tournaments – in Sanok (Czarty Krakow, Niedzwiedzie Sanok i SHK Sanok) – where we took 2nd place after good and interesting match with Sanok, and held by us tournament in Cracov called Hool’s Energy. The latter tournament consisted of teams from Czech, Katowice and another team from Cracow. Fortunately we won this competition and happy for the victory we finished 2010/2011 season.

After our second season together, later on in the summer we decided to participate in KALH (amateur league) along with Koguty Sanok, Niedzwiedzie Sanok, SHK Krosno, Szerszenie Oswiecim and TH Cheeloo Debica. In contrary to previous leagues we participated in the KALH does not allow players who at least once played in CLJ (Central Junior League) , II league , I league and Extraleague (professional leagues supported by Polish Ice Hockey Association).

We find the first season in KALH as moderate success, either on the sport field but also in organization. We took 4th place after good beginning, a pant in the middle and quite nice ending. Also the point distance to the winners – Niedzwiedzie Sanok – was small.

In the November 2012 there starts the new chapter in our history. The real coach starts to care for us. Mariusz Dulęba is a person who needs no introduction in polish ice hockey environment. Numerous Polish Champion wants to share his knowledge and experience with us – this brings the respect, not just ours but also of our opponents!

In the future we want to indulge in our passion in better conditions and with new friends. We want to do even more though organizationally we already are really strong. The passion and coach’s support with addition to hard work at trainings will bring great effect!

We count on good place, maybe even championship, in the second season of KALH. The second goal is good debut on Polish Amateurs Championship in the southern division. The tournament will be held in Nowy Targ at the turn of March and April. The other teams in the divisions will be: Naprzód Janów, Cracovia Amatorzy Kraków, STV Katowice and Katowickie Byki.

We also try to popularize the ice hockey discipline in Cracow area by cooperation with “Tylko Hokej” (eng. “Only Hockey”) Association, which we are members of.



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Ostatni mecz

21.04.2017 12:45 (Sosnowiec)
Nesta Toruń - Czarty Kraków 3:2

22.04.2017 09:00 (Sosnowiec)
Łotry Kraków - Czarty Kraków 2:3

22.04.2017 17:45 (Sosnowiec)
Czarty Kraków - MOHT Gdańsk 3:1

Najbliższy mecz

23.04.2017 11:00 (Sosnowiec)
Wolves Tychy - Czarty Kraków 7:2

Tabela II ligi ŚALH 2016/2017

M-ce Drużyna Mecze Punkty
1. Wolves Tychy 12 24
2. Cracovia Amatorzy 12 20
3. Czarty Kraków 12 13
4. Katowickie Byki 12 12
5. STV Katowice 12 10
6. Zagłębie Sosnowiec II 12 5
7. Chemik Kędzierzyn-Koźle - 0


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